2016 Blyth Introductions                                    

For those who waited too late to order Barry's latest introductions direct from Tempo Two, a VERY limited number of the following are available from our Oregon-grown stock.  U.S. orders only.  
All photos courtesy of Barry Blyth.
BESIDE MYSELF (2016) M ((((Ostentatious x (Burst x Epicenter)) x ((Burst x Epicenter) x Zestful Miss)) x (Another Woman x (I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib))) X Devil By Night sib)  Bicolor plicata with yellow standards, warm white falls narrowly edged rosy brown.   $75.00

CASUAL DESIGN  (2016) EM 34” ((Gypsy Lord sib x Queen's Circle) X (Foreign Legion sdlg. x Sharpshooter sdlg.))  White standards narrowly edged lemon, lavender-washed falls white in center. Beards tangerine orange.   $60.00

CELEBRATE BEAUTY  (2016) ML 34” (First Avenue X Espionage sib)  Buff grey standards softly flushed pinkish lavender; falls lavender. Tangerine beards, lavender blue at end.   $60.00

COSMIC MELODY  (2016) M 36” (Tango Express X I'm a Hussy)  Cream standards deeper at base, creamy white falls lightly flushed and texture-veined violet.  $50.00

DEVIL BY NIGHT (2016) M 36” Reckless Abandon X Cotillion Gown sib)  Deep violet to reddish violet standards, velvety red black falls.  $60.00

DEVIL'S INTENT  (2016) EM 36” (((Dinner Talk x Let's Romp) x Glamorama) X ?)   Light lavender standards, rosy brown falls with lighter area around tangerine beards.  $60.00

EYE FOR FASHION  (2016) ML 36” (I'm Posh sib X (Colour Bazaar x (I'm a Hussy sib x Adoranova sib)))  Soft peach and dusky soft lavender bicolor.   $50.00

FLAUNTRESS (2016) VE 33” ((House Afire x Sunblaze) X Adoree)  Rich gold standards and band around white falls.  $60.00

FRENCH FILAGREE  (2016) VE 38” ((R41-4 x I'm a Hussy sib) X Brushwok)  White standards softly suffused blue; white falls plicata-banded violet.  $75.00

FUTURE BRIDE  (2016) M 37” ((Novel Idea x Gypsy Lord) X Magical)   Coral salmon standards and narrow fall edge. Beards tangerine, white at end.  $60.00

HANDFUL OF MAGIC  (2016) VE 38” ((Heart of Dreams sib x R41-4) X Infatuate)   White standards, salmon falls, tangerine beards.  $60.00

HONEY PIE (2016) EM 35” Diamond Broker sib  Pinkish tan pastel with soft lavender fall flush.  $50.00

KISS THE PRINCESS  (2016) VE 37” (Love to Party X Adoree)  Lavender standards, lavender white falls banded warm rosy beige.  $75.00

MADE IN HEAVEN  (2016) VE 33” (Kiss the Princess sib X (Alpine Harmony x Adoree)) Warm white with cream yellow fall edge, beards white and tangerine.   $75.00

MAYBE MAGIC  (2016) EM 34” (Thrillionaire X ?)  Standards lilac, rosier base; falls coppery apricot with lighter edge.  $60.00

MORE PLEASE  (2016) EM 34” (Thrillionaire X (((Wicked Woman x Starring) x (I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib)) x Adoree))  Pastel lilac, peach tan base. Rose tan falls with wide pastel lilac band, tangerine beards.  $60.00

RAISE YOUR GLASS  (2016) M 36” ((Oxford Countess x Upper Hand) X (Oratorio x Magic Happens))   Buff to tan yellow standards, blue lavender falls with apricot tan hafts.  $60.00

SHIPBOARD ROMANCE  (2016) EM 40” (((Bollywood sib x (Proposal x Shadows sib)) x House Arrest) X Magical)   Lemon standards, with falls creamy white shading to lemon. $75.00

SONGSMITH  (2016) ML 38” (((Bollywood sib x (Proposal x Shadows sib)) x House Arrest) X Hollywood Star)   Magenta violet standards and edge around medium violet falls.  $60.00

STORM BREWING  (2016) ML 35” (Dance a Dance sib X ?)   Lavender grey undertoned pink, beards burnt tangerine.  $50.00

SWEET AS HONEY (2016) ML 35” (Legerdemain X Ginger Ice)  Warm white standards, rich apricot falls.  SOLD OUT

UNSPOKEN PASSION  (2016) ML 38” (Ginger Ice X My Beloved)   Warm white, with standards flushed peach coral toward base and falls peach apricot at hafts.  $60.00

SCHOOL'S OUT   (2016) Border Iris VE 20” ((Certain Magic sib x Sudden Bliss) X (((Wicked Woman x Starring) x (I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib)) x Adoree)) Smallish, with cream white standards lemon toward base; falls golden lemon yellow.  $45.00