ADORANOVA  (2012) EM 36” (Glad All Over X Adoree) Standards lilac with a pink flush, falls blended coffee-rose with tangerine beards. Pretty colors, nice form. SOLD OUT

ARE WE IN LOVE  (2011) M 37” (Let's Romp sib X Mango Daiquiri sib) Tangerine-bearded soft peach pink. The falls carry a central suffusion of light violet veining.  $15.00

ARGYLE KNIGHT  (2015) M 34” (Cross My Heart sib X (((Wicked Woman x Popstar) x (Wedding Belle x Starring)) x Beauty School)) Clean butter and burgundy variegata with bronze gold beards and ruffles.  $50.00

ASK ME NICELY  (2012) M 36” ((Limerence x Hint of Danger sib) X Alpine Butterfly) Vivid tangerine beards on rich lavender mauve. Pattern of darker hafts and midline area on falls.  $15.00

AURA OF GLAMOUR  (2014) EM 38” (Head over Heels X (Oxford Countess x Upper Hand)) Very heavily ruffled lemon yellow self.  SOLD OUT 

BASHFUL LOVE  (2015) VE 34” (Head over Heels X ((Popstar x Looking Beautiful) x Adoree)) Nicely ruffled pink and white amoena, just a slight pink cast in standards. Beards light tangerine.  $45.00

BE MINE TONIGHT  (2015) M 36” ((((Prince George x Sharpshooter) x (Braggadocio x Prince George)) x Hint of Danger sib) X Merry Amigo) Honey apricot standards and narrow edge around burgundy falls, beards apricot tangerine.  $45.00

BEQUEST  (2013) M 37” (((Ostentatious x (Burst x Epicenter)) x ((Burst x Epicenter) x Zestful Miss)) X Cheap Frills) Ruffled lemon yellow standards and rim around white falls. Faint plicata shadings.  $15.00

BIG SPENDER  (2015) ML 39” (Gypsy Lord X (Naughty Nights sib x Decadence)) Ice blue and medium violet bicolor, falls lighter on edge, with rusty tangerine beards. And yes, it is big. $35.00

BOLDLY GO  (2013) ML 36” (((Poetic Walk x Gorgeous Is sib) x Honey Dripper sib) X Pagan Knight) Medium violet and darker, almost blackish, violet bitone. Beards light golden bronze.  $15.00

BRING ME DIAMONDS  (2015) EM 36” ((((Ostentatious x (Burst x Epicenter)) x ((Burst x Epicenter) x Zestful Miss)) x Heart of Dreams sib) X Magical) We love it! Gorgeous lemon cream to cream with gold hafts....and ruffles to spare. Definitely a one percenter.  SOLD OUT

BRUSHWORK  (2014) EM 36” (Another Woman X (Platinum Class sib x (Wearing Rubies x Ennoble))) Beige standards with faint lavender veining; white falls lightly plicata-marked lavender plum, beards old gold to bronze.  $40.00

BUONGIORNO  (2012) M 36” (Thundermaker X Stop Flirting) Soft coffee rose with a lavender flash below burnt tangerine beards.  SOLD OUT

BURGUNDY BLAZE  (2015) M 36” (Stop Flirting X Buccaneer's Prize) Ruffled tan brown standards and burgundy brown falls, gold beards.  $45.00

BUSH HONEY  (2014) EM 36” (First Avenue X Peal of Bells sib) Greyed cream, falls with mustard upper fall overlay, standards with blended violet midrib base. Mustard and soft violet beards. Subtle art shades. $25.00

BUTTERFLY AFFAIR  (2013) EM 36” ((((L280-1 x I'm Dreaming sib) x Shiver of Gold sib) x (I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib)) X Dancing on Air) Lavender blue standards, falls light olive grey with veining that gives a netted effect. Pleasantly different.  $25.00

CAPTAIN THUNDERBOLT  (2011) EM 36” (By Jeeves X (Taste the Magic x Reckless in Denim)) Lavender standards, violet falls with the upper half strikingly veined white. Narrow lavender fall edge and tangerine orange beards add to the effect. Very popular.   SOLD OUT

CERTAIN MAGIC  (2012) VE-M 37” (Alpine Harmony X (I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib)) Lemon yellow amoena with paler spot in falls, golden yellow beards.  SOLD OUT

CHAOS THEORY  (2015) M 34” ((Royal Orders x (Gypsy Lord sib x Rio sib)) X (Gypsy Lord sib x Rio sib)) Novelty flattie, medium violet with white blaze and white styles arms, orange beards. Six falls, no standards.  SOLD OUT

CHASING DESTINY (2013) EM 37” ((Painted Flutes x (Chocolates and Silk x Decadence)) X Adoree) Lavender lilac and rosy violet bitone, beards bright tangerine. Pretty colors. $25.00

CHOCOLATIER (2014) L-VL 35” (Ginger Ice X Fortunate Son) Bitoned chocolate tan and smooth, rich chocolate, beards bronzed orange. Gorgeous color! $40.00

CINDERELLA'S SECRET (2012) VE-E 36” (Adoree X (I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib)) Standards buff with tan violet center, falls apricot with tan hafts, tangerine beards. An attractive pastel bicolor blend. Plants tend to be smallish. SOLD OUT

COLOUR BAZAAR (2013) ML 36” (Gypsy Lord X Carnival Capers) Yellow standards plus edge on white falls, the latter flushed lavender and with tan rose shoulders. Beards bright yellow orange, white at the end. Delightfully different. $35.00

COLOURS OF THE WIND (2014) EM 34” (Stylish Edge X Chasing Destiny sib) Pure white standards; falls cream to apricot beige, with light violet fine-dotting and veining; beards red. $30.00

COOL RESPONSE (2015) EM 34” (Merry Amigo X Center Ice) White standards; white falls with broad blended and washed band of soft lavender blue. Beards gold and white. $45.00

CROSS MY HEART (2012) M-ML 35” (In Love Again X Dinner Talk) Peach pink, falls flushed rose except toward edge. Beards coral and white. $25.00

DANCE A DANCE (2011) VE-M 38” (Hold My Hand X Waterline sib) Pink standards are lilac at base, and the lavender falls have a pinkish lavender edge and hafts. Burnt tangerine beards. $18.00

DANCE WITH DRAGONS (2014) E 40” (Enter the Dragon X Chocolates and Silk) Beige pink standards, rosy violet falls, and striking dark brown beards. SOLD OUT

DASHING SQUIRE (2014) EM 34” (((Puff the Magic sib x (Noble Dragon x Reckless in Denim)) x Honey Dripper sib) X Arthouse) Ruffled and globular, with lilac blue standards over deep violet falls that sport a small violet-veined area surrounding the golden apricot and white beards. $35.00

DASH OF BURGUNDY (2014) M-ML 36” (Stop Flirting X Prince of Hearts) Brownish burgundy blended with magenta, a beautiful color. Brown beards. $35.00

DEVIL'S DUCHESS (2013) ML 36” (Silk Road X (Rio sib x (Balderdash x Starring))) Colorful combination of yellow standards and red violet falls, the latter with brown hafts, beige edges, and a bluish blaze.  SOLD OUT

DIAMOND BROKER (2014) EM 36” ((((Ostentatious x (Burst x Epicenter)) x ((Burst x Epicenter) x Zestful Miss)) x Heart of Dreams sib) X Magical) Wonderful ruffled lemon cream, falls mostly creamy white, but with hafts and narrow rim to match standards. Golden yellow beards. $30.00

DREAMS AND DESIRES (2015) L 36” (My Beloved X Haunted Heart) Standards white with the faintest oyster pink cast, falls white with ultra-pastel blue overlay. Lavender beards tipped tangerine tie in with the slight rosy tan haft coloration. $40.00

EMBRACE (2015) ML 36” (((sib to Foolish Dreamer pod parent x Dreaming Clown) x Adoree) X (Reckless Abandon x reverse sib to Ringtone)) White ground plicata with standards suffused and dotted faint blue violet. Falls white, with lavender blue hafts and narrow stitched edge, bright tangerine beards. SOLD OUT

ENDLESS SUNSHINE (2015) EM 34” (((Temple Spirit sib x Astrobubbles) x Upper Hand) X (complicated plicata R41-4 x I'm a Hussy sib)) Brilliant gold throughout, the wide falls just a bit deeper. SOLD OUT

FAST TALKER (2014) M 38” (Merry Amigo X Haunted Heart) Beige grey standards with a hint of rose; velvety blue black falls with narrow edge to match standards. Muted bronze beards. $30.00

FIRST AVENUE (2011) M 40” (Silk Road sib X (French Lilacs sib x Dance Recital)) Amber yellow standards with a slight violet basal flush. Violet falls beige grey at margin, hafts touched olive yellow, beards tipped mustard. Stylish waved and flared form. HM 2014. $15.00

FLASHINATOR (2013) VE-E 34” (Another Woman X (Platinum Class sib x (Wearing Rubies x Ennoble))) Showy variegata with golden yellow standards, burgundy falls with ruffled beige band and orange gold beards. Makes a good show. $27.00

FREE TO DREAM (2014) EML 34” (Gypsy Lord X Carnival Capers) Honey yellow standards with shadowy base. Multi-hued falls pastel lilac edged buff lemon, with a light burgundy band across the hafts. Beards orange yellow. Sib to Colour Bazaar. $30.00

FRENCH BUTTERFLY (2014) VE-E 35” (Brushwork X (complicated plicata R41-4 x I'm a Hussy sib)) Ruffled white ground plicata, markings on falls only: 3/4” band of violet deepening to blackish violet toward edge, then a final wire edge of lilac. Old gold beards. $30.00

FROSTFALL (2015) VE 34” (Love Match X Friendly Advice) Well-branched pure white, with even the beard white. SOLD OUT

NOTE: Stock very limited on many of the above. Early orders recommended.

all hybridized by Barry Blyth unless noted otherwise
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