GALWAY PIPER  (2015) M 40” ((Novel Idea x Gypsy Lord) X Magical) Large-bloomed pastel salmon peach and pinkish lilac bicolor with vivid tangerine beards.  $40.00

GATEKEEPER  (2013) EM 37” ((I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib) X ((Wild Wings x Winning Edge) x Shiver of Gold)) Lemon honey standards, cream toward edge; medium warm brown falls with underlying lemon ground showing mainly on upper center, and with buff edge.  $20.00

GATHERING GOLD  (2014) EM 33” ((Lunch in Madrid sib x Air of Mystery sib) X Peal of Bells sib) Rich lemon yellow, base of standards flushed rose. Beards orange over white base.  $25.00

GATHERING LIGHT  (2014) VE 36” ((N275-2 x Shiver of Gold sib) X Another Woman) Ruffled white and soft rose peach amoena with bright tangerine beards.  $30.00

GET MY NUMBER  (2013) M 37” (((Shadows sib x Drinks at Sunset sib) x Decadence) X Gypsy Lord) White standards and fall center, with one-inch fall band of lavender. Bright tangerine beards.  $15.00

HEAD OVER HEELS  (2011) VE-M 36” ((Louisa's Song x Gypsy Lord) X Treasured) Ruffled and fluted softest pastel pink, beards white to tangerine pink.  $15.00

HIGH CHANCELLOR  (2014) M 34” ((Mandarin Wind sib x (Puff the Magic x ((Enjoy the Party x Kathleen Kay Nelson) x Calling))) X Show Your Colours) Butterscotch standards, slate rose falls with slight bluish blaze below burnt tangerine beards.  $25.00

HORNBLOWER   (2013) EM 36” (Ginger Ice X Palace Symphony) Burgundy red standards, plush deep burgundy red falls with narrow slightly lighter edge. Beards bronze and dark lavender. Rich color.  SOLD OUT

IMAGINE THIS  (2014) M 36” (Avenue of Dreams X Sudden Bliss sib) Soft lilac, with falls just a shade deeper, then lightening toward the edge. White beards tipped soft tangerine.  SOLD OUT

I'M A HUSSY  (2012) EM 38” (((Silk Romance x Rippling River) x Looking Beautiful) X (I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib)) White standards, lavender violet falls with white area lined violet below the golden orange beards.  SOLD OUT

I'M POSH  (2015) ML 35” (My Beloved X Haunted Heart) Creamy white, midribs and hafts with a pinkish flush. Beards light tangerine and lavender white.  $40.00

I'M YOUR MAN  (2015) E 38” (((House Guest x (G75-A x Mandarin Morning sib)) x (I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib)) X Venus Bay) Lemon flavored standards, blended falls incorporating light violet and beige, with beige tan edges. Beards gold to lemon.  $30.00  

IN HIGH HEELS  (2012) M 34” (Sweet Svengali X (((Excuse Me Darling x Mayfair Mistress sib) x Chocolates and Silk sib) x Dinner Talk)) Big flowers, ruffled and fluted, with cool white standards, falls brushed magenta strongest toward the haft. Beards tangerine on white base.  $18.00

INNOCENT MISS  (2015) ML 35” (Love Match X Friendly Advice) White standards and beards, falls softest pastel blue. Pretty, and she smells good, too!  $50.00

INTUNE  (2014) EM 36” (Another Woman X My Beloved) Ruffled soft light peach and cream white, beards white with hairs tipped tangerine.  $30.00

ISLAND DRUMBEAT  (2015) E 38” (Red Skies X Mysterioso sib) Ruffled and flared variegata of butterscotch and mahogany red. Beards soft orange. Good color impact.  $35.00

IVORY CASTLE  (2015) M 34” ((((Ostentatious x (Burst x Epicenter)) x ((Burst x Epicenter) x Zestful Miss)) x Heart of Dreams sib) X Magical) Cool white standards with greenish cream midrib flush. Falls soft cream, beards lemon and white. Blooms wide and ruffled.  SOLD OUT

JAZZ CLUB  (2015) EM 38” (First Avenue X Peal of Bells sib) Slight violet basal flush on honey tan standards; violet to blended violet tan falls and old gold beards.  $30.00

JEALOUS GUY  (2011) ML 37” ((Puff the Magic x ((Enjoy the Party x Kathleen Kay Nelson) x Calling)) X Apricot Already) Coffee-tan orange, the falls creamier and with a lavender blaze below red orange beards. HM 2014.  $15.00

JUST A FLING  (Lesley Blyth 2014) EM 36” (Scottish Reel X (Florentine Silk x Gitano sib)) Yellow standards over lavender falls precisely edged tan. White beards tipped gold.  $15.00

JUST WITCHERY  (2011) M 35” (Decadence X Royal Sterling) Heavy lace and ruffling on this blended orchid pink and light rose magenta bitoned beauty. Tangerine and white beards.  SOLD OUT 

LADY OF LEISURE  (2013) ML 38” (Silk Run X (Parisian Dawn x Decadence)) Icy blue white and pinkish lavender bitone, with deep tangerine red beards.  $15.00

LEMON DRIFT  (2014) M 40” (Cameo Minx sib X (Alpine Harmony sib x (I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib))) Ruffled lemon yellow standards, falls white to cream with old gold beards.  $20.00

LIQUID SUNSHINE  (2012) EM 37” (That's All Folks X Another Woman) Beautifully ruffled flowers with lemon yellow standards and fall rim, cream white falls, and lemon yellow beards. $22.00

LOLLYSHOP   (2014) ML 34” (Stop Flirting X Ringtone sib) Lavender self set off by bright old gold beards.  SOLD OUT

LONDON WALK  (2013) ML 37” ((Royal Majesty sib x (French Lilacs sib x Dance Recital)) X Romantico) Strongly ruffled royal violet self, beards purple to coppery bronze.  $22.00

LOREMASTER  (2013) M 38” (Fashion Alert X Advance to Go sib) Muted cream beige standards hazed violet at base; falls medium violet with greyer edge. Beards muted tangerine and white.  $15.00

LOST IN DREAMS  (2015) E 37” ((Heart of Dreams sib x complicated plicata R41-4) X Infatuate) White standards with slight salmon cast on midrib, rich uniform pastel salmon falls, coral salmon beards.  $40.00

LUCY LOVEJOY  (Lesley Blyth 2015) ML 36” (Starring X Oratorio) White, with falls overlaid by violet veins and wash except toward edge. Yellow apricot hafts flank vivid tangerine beards. Somewhat skimpy foliage, smallish plants, but certainly colorful.  SOLD OUT

MAKE MINE MAGIC  (2012) EM 34” ((Winsome Dancer x ((Paint the Scene x Dream Lord) x Ocelot)) X Another Woman) Beige cream standards with burgundy basal flush, burgundy violet falls with wide marginal band of pinkish beige. Tangerine-tipped cream beards.  $20.00

MANGO RHYTHM  (2014) EM 34” (Honey Dripper X ((((((Holiday Lover x Love Comes) x Bygone Era) x E158-2) x Mandarin Morning sib) x I'm Dreaming sib) x Shiver of Gold sib)) Rich orange self with tangerine orange beards.  $30.00

MASTER AT ARMS  (2013) M 38” (Stop Flirting X Hornblower) Rich mulberry with blended lavender blaze below each burnt bronze beard.  $18.00

MATTERS OF THE HEART (2012) M 38” (Kissable You X Are We in Love) Creamy peach, fall centers delicately veined lavender; beards tangerine. $15.00

MAYAN DUSK (2013) ML 34” (Looking Beautiful X Guatemala sib) Cream buff standards, tan brown falls accented by rich brown black beards. $25.00

MILK IN MY COFFEE (2015) VE 36” (((I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib) x Another Woman) X Pirate Queen) White standards with olive flush at base; blended brown falls with mustard yellow beards. Reblooms for us. $40.00

MOMENT TO SAVOUR (2013) ML 37” (Cafe Bleu X Waterline) Wide and ruffled light to medium blue, beards white with hairs tipped yellow. $15.00

MOONLIT AVENUE (2013) M 36” (Kissable You sib X Magic Happens) Olive-flushed lemon cream standards and rim around cream falls. Lemon yellow beards. $15.00

MUSIC OF THE SURF (2012) EM 37” ((Let's Romp x Careless Whisper) X Champagne Journey) Ice blue standards with blue violet central area to match the falls. Beards lemon. $15.00

MYSTERIOSO (2013) EM 36” ((I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib) X (I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib)) Whitish standards centered lemon gold; violet falls edged red brown, beards old gold. SOLD OUT

OCTOBER DREAMING (2015) VE 35” ((Venus Bay sib x R41-1) X Infatuate sib) Pale creamy peach standards over salmon falls with bright tangerine beards. October in this case refers to that month in Australia (their spring), but it is also known to rebloom on occasion. $40.00

OLIVE WINDOWS (2015) VE 33” (Another Woman X Pirate Queen) Greyed lavender standards, falls olive to mustard yellow, yellow gold beards. $35.00

ONE FOR LATER (2015) ML 40” (Magical X ?) Soft peach pink with tangerine beards. Large, well-branched. $30.00

OPERA CALL (2015) M 34” (Summer Shadow X Center Ice) White standards with the merest wire rim of pastel lavender; white falls with wide band of strong magenta violet. Beards light orange over white. $35.00

ORANGE MUSIC (2013) ML 35” (Rubenesque X Downtown Man) Orange apricot with red orange beards. $20.00

ORGANZA (2015) EM 37” (In High Heels X Hello Beautiful) White, falls with a soft violet overlay and deeper lining toward the hafts. Light tangerine beards. $35.00

PAINTED WORDS (2015) EM 33” (Electric Candy sib X Peal of Bells sib) Honey butterscotch standards and wide band around soft rose magenta falls. Burnt tangerine orange beards. Distinctive! SOLD OUT

PARIS MEMORY (2013) ML 34” (Let's Romp X Gypsy Lord) Peach standards, tangerine-bearded red violet falls shading to a wide, blended lavender-beige border. $20.00

PASSIONISTA (2015) ML 38” ((Undercurrent x Parisian Dawn) X Dinner Talk) Pure white standards, violet purple falls with large white sunburst pattern and 1/16” edging of pale lilac. Orange tangerine and white beards. SOLD OUT

PEAL OF BELLS (2014) EM 37” (Sweet Svengali X Adoree) Apricot standards flushed rose at base; falls deep tan rose, beards dark tangerine. $30.00

PEPPERJACK (2015) EM 36” (Brushwork X (complicated plicata R41-4 x I'm a Hussy sib)) Lemon cream standards, white falls with delicately dotted smoky magenta plicata edge, darker burgundy haft marking. Beards white, tipped brown. $40.00

PIRATE QUEEN (2012) VE-E 34” (Adoree X (I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib)) Lavender grey standards touched honey tan at base; falls golden honey with gold beards. Makes small plants. $22.00

POLKADOT TAPESTRY (2015) EM 38” ((complicated plicata R41-4 x I'm a Hussy sib) X Brushwork sib) Plicata with hazy blue standards, white falls with 3/4” violet edge. Golden tan style arms, beards white tipped soft orange. $40.00

PRIMALUNA (2013) EM 36” (House Guest X Dream Team) Clear lemon yellow self, yellow gold beards. SOLD OUT

PRIVATE MATTERS (Lesley Blyth 2015) ML 36” (Let's Romp X Starring) White standards; rich, almost blackish, red purple, lighter at the edge. Striking purple-based orange beards. $35.00

PURIST (2015) VL 35” (Love Match X Friendly Advice) Ruffled white, green cast in heart. Beards white, touched lemon in throat. $40.00

NOTE:  Stock very limited on many of the above. Early orders recommended.

all hybridized by Barry Blyth unless noted otherwise
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