QUAFFABLE  (2015) M 37” (Hysteria X Haunted Heart) Blue white standards, soft lavender blue falls with deeper lavender veining radiating from navy blue beards tipped orange in throat.  $35.00

QUANTUM LIGHT  (2015) VE 36” (Infatuate sib X Certain Magic) Ruffled white and lemon yellow amoena. Lovely form.  $40.00

ROVING GAMBLER  (2015) EM 35” (Spice Lord X I'm a Hussy) Buff yellow standards, lemon cream falls with 3/8” red brown plicata edge.  $35.00

ROYAL MYSTIQUE  (2014) M 37” ((Let's Be Brazen x Crowns for Credit sib) X Just Witchery) Lilac standards and wire rim around velvety blackish purple falls. Tangerine beards with white base. Flowers ruffled and laced.  $30.00

RUBY ROYAL  (2012) M-ML 35” ((Royal Majesty sib x (Hold My Hand x Decadence)) X Obsessed sib) Ruffled black cherry self with bronze-black beards.  $15.00

SASSY SISTER  (2014) M 38” ((Undercurrent x Parisian Dawn) X Dinner Talk) Peach beige standards, magenta violet falls narrowly edged lavender. Beards orange.  $20.00

SEA FOR MILES  (2013) M 36” (Adriatic Waves X Waterline sib) Beautiful medium light blue with lemon beards.  $22.00

SECRET STATUS  (2015) ML 35” (Hysteria X Haunted Heart) Pale pink champagne standards, burgundy red falls with darker texture veining. Burgundy beards tipped white and bronze.  $35.00

SHE CAN TANGO  (2014) M 36” (Hold My Hand X Waterline sib) Icy blue to lavender standards; falls lavender. Coppery tangerine beards flanked by deeper lavender vein patterning.  $20.00

SHERBET BOMB  (2015) VE-M 34” (((Alpine Harmony x Adoree) x complicated plicata R41-4) X Infatuate) Pale lilac to champagne pink standards, rose pink falls, beards tangerine red. Lovely color and form.  $50.00

SHY GIRL  (2015) M 36” (Picture Book X Avenue of Dreams) Pastel peach pink with coral pink hafts; beards coral pink to white at end.  SOLD OUT

SKY GAMBLER  (2014) M 35” (Waterline sib X Dinner Talk) Large, ruffled blooms with icy blue white standards, falls lavender blue washed on white, with narrow paler edge. Beards soft orange.  $40.00

SNAPARAZZI  (2011) M 36” (Legerdemain X Gypsy Lord) Cool white standards, lavender grey falls banded with olive tan, all set off by bright tangerine beards.  SOLD OUT

SOUL SINGER  (2015) ML 37” (Dance a Dance sib X ?) Violet blue set off by mustard yellow beards.  SOLD OUT

STAY STYLISH  (2014) EM 37” (Certain Magic X complicated plicata R41-4) Pastel lavender with a touch of olive at the lower midrib; falls bright golden yellow, old gold beards.  $25.00

STERLING TRADER  (2012) ML 40” (Raging Tide X Stop Flirting) Silvery blue to powder blue with ruffles. Beards powder blue.  $15.00

STREET SCENE  (2014) VE 34” (In High Heels sib X I'm a Hussy) Bright yellow standards, faint violet flush on midrib base; falls blended violet, lightening toward edge which shows a slight beige infusion. Old mustard beards.  $20.00

STYLISH EDGE  (2014) EM 37” ((Wedding Belle x Starring) X Advance to Go sib) Basically white, with falls brushed lavender except in center, plus a soft brown marginal edge. All set off by the vivid tangerine beards.  $25.00

SUDDEN BLISS  (2012) EM 38” (Glad all Over X Adoree) Soft lilac standards, falls blended rose lilac with lighter and creamier central area, and tangerine to white beards. Ruffled, lovely.  $20.00

SWEET KISSES  (2012) M 35” ((Royal Majesty sib x (French Lilacs sib x Dance Recital)) X Romantico) Coral pink, with falls flushed lavender, darkest toward the hafts. Bright coral beards.  $15.00

SWEET TALKING WOMAN  (2014) VE-M 36” (Sweet Kisses sib X Head over Heels) Soft pink with coral pink beards.  $22.00

TAFFETA PRINCESS  (2013) M 36” (Raise the Curtain X Another Woman) Ruffled and wide smoky mauve with apricot-hazed hafts. Beards white to tangerine.  SOLD OUT

TANTALIZING  (2015) EM 33” (Stylish Edge X Chasing Destiny sib) Icy white standards, raspberry falls blended cream in center, with large and long bright tangerine beards.  $45.00

TASTE OF HARMONY  (2014) EM 34” (Romantico X Peal of Bells) Honey cream, soft rose flush on base of standards and overlay on falls. Beards are bright tangerine.  $35.00

TEMPO ROUGE  (2012) M 34” (Glad all Over X Adoree) Rich rose lilac and burgundy bitone with contrasting orange tangerine beards.  $15.00

TEN ALL ROUND  (2013) M 40” ((Let's Be Brazen x Crowns for Credit sib) X Just Witchery) Pale lavender and red violet bicolor, falls edged lilac. Tangerine-tipped white beards. SOLD OUT

THAT SONG  (2013) EM 35” (Legerdemain X Adoree) Smoky lilac pink and salmon tan bicolor with deep tangerine beards.  $15.00

TITIAN SILK  (2015) EM 34” (Head over Heels sib X Adoranova) Ruffled soft lilac slightly deeper toward heart; white beards tipped tangerine.  $40.00

TOUCH OF GOSSIP  (2013) ML 34” (Cinnamon Bells X ?) Tan standards with deeper fine veining; falls undertoned tan, overlaid soft lavender, with deep chestnut red haft thumbprints. Beards bright gold. Showy!  $35.00

TRULY KISSED  (2014) M 35” ((Gypsy Lord sib x Queen's Circle) X Gypsy Lord) White, with wide solid blue violet fall band and bright red orange beards. $27.00

TUSCAN GLOW  (2013) ML 36” (Alpine Butterfly sib X Catwalk) Honey tan standards and ruffled band around lavender falls, with orange to white beards.  $25.00

VALLEY OF DREAMS  (2015) M 36” (Thrillionaire X Infatuate sib) Unique color combination of lavender lilac standards and golden brown falls, plus orange beards.  $40.00

VENUS BAY  (2011) VE-E 36” (Adoree X (I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib)) Creamy lemon and olive standards, falls butterscotch with deeper edge, orange beards.  $18.00

WHAT NOW MY LOVE  (2014) M 36” (Kissable You X Dreamalot) Lemon apricot standards, hafts, and marginal shadings on creamy falls; beards bright tangerine orange. Ruffled and laced.  $30.00

WHISPER HER NAME  (2011) EM 38” (Enter the Dragon X Treasured) Clear light peach salmon self with coral tangerine beards.  $15.00

WICKED ROMEO  (2014) EM 36” (Another Woman X Treasure Trader) Honey peach standards, purple falls with lighter edge and purple bronze beards.  $25.00

WOVEN SUNLIGHT  (2015) M 34” (Secret Recipe X complicated plicata R41-4) Bright butter yellow with intricate light brown patterning added to falls. Sunny golden orange beards.  $40.00

YES SQUIRE  (2014) M 36” ((Hello It's Me x (Puff the Magic x ((Enjoy the Party x Kathleen Kay Nelson) x Caling))) X Adoranova) Golden yellow, with brown vein/wash pattern overlay on falls except the outer quarter inch. Rich gold beards.  $25.00

YOU'RE GORGEOUS  (2015) EM 33” ((Advance to Go sib x ((Royal Majesty sib x He Can Dance sib) x Puff the Dragon)) X (Ballerina Queen x Are We in Love)) So clean looking! Creamy honey buff standards, light lavender blue falls paling to cream toward center, soft tangerine and lemon beards.  SOLD OUT

NOTE:  Stock very limited on many of the above. Early orders recommended.

all hybridized by Barry Blyth unless noted otherwise
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