BOSTON CREAM  (2014) E 31” (Snow Lion X ((97-88A: ((Handshake x (Cross Current x ((Snowbrook x Blackout) x (Snowbrook sib x (Rain Flurry sib x Charmed Life))))) x (Spirit World x Answered Prayers)) x Moonlit Water) x (High Master x (97-88A x (Spirit World x (Fancy Woman x ((Goddess x (Mistress sib x ((Joy Ride x Roundup) x (April Melody x 68-40)))) x sib))))))) A glaciata (unmarked segregate from plicata breeding), Boston Cream is a frothy, ruffled warm white to cream with just a touch of apricot showing at the hafts. White beards are faintly tipped flame orange. Rapid increaser, lots of bloom. HM 2016.  SOLD OUT