ABSOLUTE CUTE  (Blyth 2014) M 25” ((Painted Flutes x (Chocolates and Silk x Decadence)) X Amorous Heart) Lilac pink and dark rosy lavender bitone, beards white and tangerine.  $20.00

ALMOST FAMOUS  (Blyth 2015) EM 23” (((Champagne Frost x Shoop 91-15) x (Amber Snow x Ghio 88-180P)) X Sweetly Sung) Cream white standards, apricot falls with bright tangerine beards. Very pretty.  $30.00

ART GLASS  (Keppel 2013) EM 25” (Soft Word X Entangled) Cream standards flushed lemon-lime; creamy lemon falls with apricot yellow hafts and a tiny peach touch at the end of the red orange beards. Glaciata. HM 2015. $9.00

BOONDOGGLE  (Keppel 2017) ML 26” (Brazilian Art sib X (Undercurrent x Parisian Dawn))  $25.00 see introductions

DRAGON KISS  (Blyth 2013) EM 25” (Enter the Dragon X Treasured) Ruffled pink with striking bushy brown beards.  $22.00

INFATUATE  (Blyth 2013) EM 26” (I'm Dreaming X Adoree) Near-white and salmon pink amoena with bright tangerine beards.  $18.00

MANDRAKE  (Blyth 2014) EM 27” ((Kissable You sib x Adoree) X (Love to Party x Adoree)) Lilac rose and tan rose bitone, beards orange and white.  $15.00

TIMELY KISS  (Blyth 2013) VE-M 26” (Alpine Harmony sib X Adoree) Lilac white standards, brownish orange falls, white beards tipped orange. Good color. SOLD OUT

WISECRACK  (Keppel 2013) M 27” (Brazilian Art sib x (Undercurrent x Parisian Dawn)) Blended golden buff to orient pink standards, reddish violet falls with large central area a paler version of the standards. Prominent beards are solid dark orange red. HM 2016.  $9.00


BROKEN PROMISE  (Keppel 2014) M 18” (Overcast X Snow Lion) Soft tannish plicata markings on yellow ground. A minimal color-breaker, with small random segments mainly of pinkish lavender. HM 2016. $8.00

COLOURSONIC  (Blyth 2014) EML 21” ((Minor League x Uppity) X Adoree) Lemon yellow with golden fall spot, clean and bright.  SOLD OUT

DARK TRIAD  (Keppel 2017) L 20” (Dark Matter X (sib x Noble Gesture))  $20.00 see introductions

I'M WICKED  (Blyth 2013) EM 25” (Just a Kid sib X ((N275-2 x Shiver of Gold sib) x (I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib))) Bicolor with cream buff standards, dark burgundy plum falls with fine lighter edge.  $10.00

LOVE'S MOMENT  (Remare 2014) M 18” (Enriched X Royal Ovation) Cool white standards and styles, lilac falls with a few lavender and white reticulations at the haft. Beards lemon and white. HM 2016.  $8.00  

MARSH MIST  (Keppel 2016) EM 21” ((Bluebeard's Ghost x Shock) X Boston Cream) Oyster white to light greenish yellow, with chartreuse yellow overlay on most of the fall. Yellow beards tipped blue.  $12.00

PALAVER  (Blyth 2013) M 20” ((Hussy x Wide Open) X Spiced Lemon) Plicata. Creamy lavender standards, violet toward base; cream falls with violet haft markings and faint lavender marginal dotting.  $8.00

UNBROKEN PROMISE  (Keppel 2017) M 18” (sport of Broken Promise)  $20.00 see introductions

VOLANDRO  (Blyth 2013) M 23” (Tweek X ((I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib) x Adoree)) Burgundy rose standards, falls dark rose burgundy with rosy tan edge. Ruffled and showy.  SOLD OUT

ZANZIBAR ZING  (Blyth 2014) ML 18” (((Tuscanna sib x Stash) x Crave sib) X Spiced Lemon) Zingy plicata with gold standards and fall ground, wide red brown border on falls only.  $10.00  


ARSON  (Keppel 2016) ML 10” SDB (Photon X ((((Spring Fresh x Pele) x Marksman) x Jive) x sib)) Intense golden orange, beards vermilion orange.  $10.00

BREVITY  (Keppel 2012) ML 7” MDB (Shock X Witch's Toes) Pinkish mauve with dark blue beards. HM 2014, AM 2016.  SOLD OUT

DECORUM  (Keppel 2012) M 13” SDB (((Spring Fresh x (Oregold x Chanted)) x Cachet) X Shock) Rich apricot pink with dark blue beards. HM 2014.  $5.00

ICON  (Keppel 2008) ML 8” MDB (Fission Chips X Jive sib) Bright orange standards and precise rim around wine falls. Beards orange red. HM 2010, AM 2012, Caparne Medal 2014.  $5.00

MINISERIES  (Keppel 2011) E 5” MDB (Icon X Tingle) Buff apricot, falls slightly more yellow and with medium-sized grey violet spots. Pinkish carnelian red beards. HM 2013, AM 2015.  $5.00

RASPBERRY ICE  (Keppel 2012) M 15” SDB ((Arvo sib x sib) X (Music x Stormy Circle)) Pinkish mauve plicata, fall center ground salmon cream. Beards pinkish coral and soft orchid. HM 2014, AM 2016.  $5.00

RIVULET  (Keppel 2012) M 7” MDB (Fib X Microwave) Clear light blue self with white beards. Ruffled and mini-pleated. HM 2015. $5.00