Hard to say for certain. It has been a long, and at times bumpy, ride...

first crosses made
high school grad, picking up a little extra money by selling irises out of the backyard, from 35 cents ($3.50 a dozen) up. When one iris sold for $5, the project became a more serious matter!
first introduction, Humoresque, listed by Melrose Gardens
trial partnership with Melrose, but logistics did not work out
began importing and listing Barry Blyth's irises
my introductions made by D&J Garden (Duane and Joyce Meek) as I made the move from California to Oregon
catalogue listing pared down from “everyone” to just foreign originations and my own
cut down further to just Keppel and Blyth
just Keppel, and only introductions for years 2016, 2017, 2018
we shall see....

In the meantime, there are still many seedlings to watch and evaluate, including some we mentioned last year, but time and/or circumstances precluded final decision. Some for serious consideration this year include:

  • dark tops from the 10-99 series (sibs to Mood Ring and Idle Rich) and also 10-71C
  • luminatas with pronounced lighter yellow edges, like 09-129B, and several older selections in dark blue to purple with whitish edges
  • more from Reckless Abandon lines, including 09-85E, a bicolored sib to Mixed Signals, and 11-85A, which was produced with help from Superhero
  • some pastels, like 12-36A from Gentle Reminder and My Lady's Manor; 12-17C, subtly texture-veined Arrivederci X Wishes Granted child; and 08-32B, blue white sib to Blind Ambition
  • more from the Espionage breeding lines, such as 10-59H and 12-10A 
  • lots of plicatas from High Desert (13-17 series among others), but it may take awhile to build sufficient stock

Pictures of these may be found by checking my Facebook postings of the past two years.

Note: most of the Blyth varieties I've listed the past few years are available from our neighbor, Robin Shadlow (Iris Sisters Farms, Tempo Two (Barry and Lesley Blyth) is no longer in business in Australia, but Mid-America Garden will be introducing some of Barry's last seedlings; they also list many Blyth varieties.